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… is the study of beliefs and practices relating to the sky in the past, especially in prehistory, and the uses to which people's know- ledge of the skies was put.


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Article Index


(With Nicholas Saunders) The study of cultural astronomy. In Clive Ruggles and Nicholas Saunders (eds.), Astronomies and Cultures, University Press of Colorado, 1993, 1–31.



(With Roger Martlew) The North Mull project [in four parts; part 2 also with Peter Hinge]. Archaeoastronomy (JHA) no. 14 (1989), S137–149; no. 16 (1991), S51–75; no. 17 (1992), S1–13 and no. 18 (1993), S55–64.



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Recent developments in megalithic astronomy. In Anthony F. Aveni (ed.), World Archaeoastronomy, Cambridge University Press, 1989, 13-26.


The stone alignments of Argyll and Mull: a perspective on the statistical approach in archaeoastronomy. In Clive Ruggles (ed.), Records in Stone: Papers in Memory of Alexander Thom, Cambridge University Press, 1988, 232–50.


The Borana calendar—some observations. Archaeoastronomy (JHA) no. 11 (1987), S35–53.



The linear settings of Argyll and Mull. Archaeoastronomy (JHA) no. 9 (1985), S105–132.



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A new study of the Aberdeenshire recumbent stone circles [in two parts; part 2 with Aubrey Burl]. Archaeoastronomy (JHA) no. 6 (1984), S55–79 and no. 8 (1985), S25–60.



A reassessment of the high precision megalithic lunar sightlines [in two parts]. Archaeoastronomy (JHA) no. 4 (1982), S21–40 and no. 5 (1983), S1–36.



A critical examination of the megalithic lunar observatories. In Clive Ruggles and Alasdair Whittle (eds.), Astronomy and Society in Britain During the Period 4000-1500 BC, BAR British Series 88, Oxford, 1981, 153–209.


(With Gordon Moir and Ray Norris). Megalithic science and some Scottish site plans. Antiquity 54 (1980), 40–43.


(With David Turton) Agreeing to disagree: the measurement of duration in a southwestern Ethiopian community. Current Anthropology 19 (1978), 585–600.



(With John Cooke, Roger Few and Guy Morgan). Indicated declinations at the Callanish megalithic sites. Journal for the History of Astronomy 8 (1977), 113–133.



(With Mark Bailey, John Cooke, Roger Few and Guy Morgan) Survey of three megalithic sites in Argyllshire. Nature 253 (1975), 431–433.


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