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… is the study of beliefs and practices relating to the sky in the past, especially in prehistory, and the uses to which people's know- ledge of the skies was put.


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Springer Handbook (2014):


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This list of my books and selected papers and articles contains links and downloadable copies where available.

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(With Timothy M. Gill, Patrick V. Kirch and Alexander Baer) Ideology, ceremony and calendar in pre-contact Hawai‘i: astronomical alignment of a stone enclosure on O‘ahu suggests ceremonial use during the Makahiki season. Journal of the Polynesian Society, 124(3) (2015), 243–268.  See commentary



Articles in Clive Ruggles (ed.), Handbook of Archaeoastronomy and Ethnoastronomy (3 volumes), Springer (2014):

  • Calendars and astronomy, pp. 15–30
  • Nature and analysis of material evidence relevant to archaeoastronomy, pp. 353–372
  • Best practice for evaluating the astronomical significance of archaeological sites, pp. 373–388
  • Analyzing orientations, pp. 411–425
  • Basic concepts of positional astronomy, pp. 459–472
  • Long-term changes in the appearance of the sky, pp. 473–482
  • Stellar alignments—identification and analysis, pp. 517–530
  • Chankillo (with Iván Ghezzi), pp. 807–820
  • Geoglyphs of the Peruvian coast, pp. 821–830
  • Mursi and Borana calendars, pp. 1041–1050
  • Stonehenge and its landscape, pp. 1223–1238
  • Recumbent stone circles, pp. 1277–1285
  • Scottish short stone rows, pp. 1287–1296
  • Monuments of the Giza plateau, pp. 1519–1530
  • Archaeoastronomy in Polynesia, pp. 2231–2245
  • Ancient Hawaiian astronomy, pp. 2247–2260

(With Erin Nell) The orientations of the Giza pyramids and associated structures, Journal for the History of Astronomy, 45 (2014), 308–369.  See commentary



(With Vince Gaffney, Simon Fitch, Eleanor Ramsey, Ron Yorston, Eugene Ch'ng, Eamonn Baldwin, Richard Bates, Christopher Gaffney, Tom Sparrow, Anneley McMillan, Dave Cowley, Shannon Fraser, Charles Murray, Hilary Murray, Emma Hopla and Andy Howard) Time and a place: a luni-solar ‘time-reckoner’ from 8th millennium BC Scotland. Internet Archaeology, 34 (2013), no. 1.  See commentary



(With Patrick V. Kirch and Warren Sharp) The Pānānā or “sighting wall” at Hanamauloa, Kahikinui, Maui: archaeological investigation of a possible navigational monument. Journal of the Polynesian Society, 122(1) (2013), 45–68.  See commentary



Astronomical potential of the post-hole circle. In Stuart Boulter and Penelope Walton Rogers (eds), Circles and Cemeteries: Excavations at Flixton, Volume I. East Anglian Archaeology 147, Suffolk County Council Archaeological Service, Bury St Edmonds, 46–48.



The recognition of ‘Outstanding Universal Value’ in relation to astronomy at dark-sky sites. In John Hearnshaw, Karen Pollard and Marilyn Head (eds), Proceedings of the Third International Starlight Conference, Lake Tekapo, New Zealand, Starlight Conference Organizing Committee, Christchurch, 2013, 5–13.



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