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… is the study of beliefs and practices relating to the sky in the past, especially in prehistory, and the uses to which people's know- ledge of the skies was put.


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Ocarina Books publishes and distributes books relating to archaeo- and ethnoastronomy



This list of my books and selected papers and articles contains links and downloadable copies where available.

Second Thematic Study now available in paperback

A limited paperback edition of the second ICOMOS–IAU Thematic Study on astronomical heritage has been published on 30 November 2017, following the e-book version which was published back in June.

This joint publication by ICOMOS and Ocarina Books follows on from the first ICOMOS–IAU Thematic Study published in 2010. It explores what might constitute “outstanding universal significance” in relation to astronomy, and discusses broad issues that could arise in the assessment of a variety of types of cultural and natural sites relating to astronomy.

Case studies range from prehistoric sites to modern observatories, and deal with traditional practices such as using star observations for water management through to technological developments for space exploration. There is particular emphasis on the recognition and preservation of the value of dark skies at both cultural and natural sites and landscapes.

For more details and to purchase a copy see the Ocarina Books website. Alternatively you can download an e-book copy directly using the link on the left.

Proceedings of IAU Focus Meeting on Astronomical Heritage


The Proceedings of the Focus Meeting (FM2) on Astronomical Heritage: Progressing the UNESCO–IAU Initiative, held at the 29th IAU General Assembly in Honolulu in August 2015, have been published by Cambridge University Press in their Proceedings of the International Astronomical Union series.


For further information about the meeting see the Portal to the Heritage of Astronomy.


IAU Commission C4: World Heritage and Astronomy

At its 29th General Assembly in Honolulu in 2015, the International Astronomical Union (IAU) created a new Commission (C4) on World Heritage and Astronomy.

Astronomical heritage

Portal to the Heritage of Astronomy

Read more on the UNESCO–IAU Portal to the Heritage of Astronomy and about astronomical heritage in general

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ICOMOS–IAU Thematic Studies on Astronomical Heritage

No. 1 (2010): See here for more information or click here to download a copy directly (46 Mb)

No. 2 (2017): See here for more information or click here to download a copy (19 Mb)


Astronomical World Heritage


Download a copy of an article published in A&G (Aug 2019 issue)

Stonehenge and Ancient Astronomy


Download a copy of the Royal Astronomical Society’s factsheet

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